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Ford Windshield
Repair and Replacement

Ford Windshield Repair & Replacement in Burlington

We are the leading professional Ford auto glass maintenance service provider in Burlington.
Besides specializing in Ford windshield replacement, we also provide side window replacement, rear windscreen replacement, mirror replacement, and sunroof replacement services.

Ford Windshield Repair

Ford Auto Glass Repair

We provide industry-leading Ford windshield repair services to ensure your vehicle remains in peak condition. Our certified technicians utilize OEM & aftermarket glass to restore your windshield to its original condition.
Ford Windshield Replacement

Ford Auto Glass Replacement

Our highly experienced technicians employ advanced techniques while utilizing specialized equipment to ensure your Ford windshield is seamlessly replaced and perfectly fitted to improve your safety.
Flexible Mobile & On Site Options

Free Mobile Auto Glass Services

No time to come by our repair shop? We provide both on-site and mobile repair options at no extra charge! Just call us, and our technicians will visit you anywhere in Burlington and its surrounding areas.

Ford Auto Glass Reviews Burlington

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109 Reviews

Eric Johnson

This is the second time that I have used them for windshield replacement. Both times have been excellent service. The first time they came to my condo and the second time I went to their Oakville shop. Prompt, quick service and quick turn around time!

Sonja Guillet

I called for a quote and the efficient response resulted in an appointment for my windshield replacement. Job was done in 15 minutes, lifetime no leak guarantee. Very happy customer

Rody Ghosn

Wow, what a service, Grant did an amazing Job fixing my glass while I'm at work, so professional and honest, and Ella (customer service) you are amazing sunshine keep the good work. I 100% recommend them . 🙂

ford windshield replacement Burlington

We are the Top Choice for Ford Windshield Repair and Replacement in Burlington

Auto Glass Zone Burlington has been providing professional windshield repair and replacement services in Burlington and the surrounding areas for over a decade.

Due to our efficiency and quality service, we are Burlington’s leading service provider for all Ford models. Additionally, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee at the lowest replacement costs.

Whether you require a Ford windshield repair or a Ford side mirror glass replacement, you can rest assured you are receiving top-notch services that meet the highest safety and quality standards.

Cracked Ford Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Burlington

A small chip on your windshield can easily turn into a bigger crack if left unrepaired. Driving with a cracked windshield increases the likelihood of an accident. Regardless of how insignificant the crack may be, it is best to consult the Ford windshield repair experts from Auto Glass Zone Burlington.

Call our Ford windshield repair specialists from Auto Glass Zone Burlington now for a free online quote.

Cracked Auto Glass Repair and Replacement
Ford Stone Chip Repair

Ford Windshield Stone Chip Repair Burlington

Ford vehicles are known to be durable and long-lasting, but they are still not exempt from acquiring damage.

If left unrepaired, a seemingly harmless stone chip may become a major repair concern and could seriously affect your safety.

If you notice a stone chip in your Ford’s windshield, get it checked by our auto glass experts now! We provide expert Ford windshield stone chip repair at competitive rates.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Ford Windshield

Visible Discoloration

A regular windshield should be transparent without any noticeable colour. However, over time, environmental factors can affect the colour of your windshield. Discolouration affects driver vision which can negatively impact everyone's safety. If you notice visible discolouration in your windshield, it is a sign that you may need to get it replaced.

Cracks on Your Windshield

Some shallow cracks can be quickly repaired by auto repair experts. However, larger cracks may require a complete windshield replacement. A weak windshield may easily break in a major accident, affecting both driver and passenger safety. If you notice large cracks on your windshield, have it replaced immediately by one of our replacement experts in Auto Glass Zone Burlington.

Missing Pieces

Some drivers often make the mistake of using tape or clear tarps as a temporary solution for their damaged windshield. However, these temporary solutions can compromise your safety and expose you to various dangers. These temporary solutions may also damage your vehicle’s frames and cause alignment issues when replacing your windshield.

Water is Leaking Through

Your car has an adhesive material that affixes the windshield to the frame. As your windshield ages, the adhesive material begins to wear off. This will allow water to enter the insides of the windshield. As a result, you could notice condensation inside your windshield. Water leaks can damage many items inside the vehicle, including the electrical system, upholstery, and other components.

White Haze at the Edge

As your windshield ages, the polyvinyl butyral protecting the outer layer of your windshield may begin to wear and tear. As a result, a white haze may form on the edges of your windshield. If you notice a white haze at the edge of your windshield, it may indicate that you need windshield replacement services.

Ford Windshield Replacement Services

We Service All Ford Models in Burlington

Here at Auto Glass Zone Burlington, we provide Ford windshield replacement and repair services for all Ford models. Some Ford models we service are:

Lowest Ford Windshield Replacement Cost in Burlington

We understand the importance of windshield repair and replacement when it comes to driver and passenger safety.

As an independently owned Canadian business, we provide our clients with the best Ford windshield repair and replacement prices, quality service, and excellent results.

Auto Glass Zone Burlington takes pride in our professional windshield replacement service at 10% lower prices compared to other windshield replacement shops in Burlington & the GTA.

Burlington Lowest Ford Windshield Repair Cost

Your One-Stop Ford Auto Glass Replacement Shop in Burlington

Ford Side Mirror Glass Replacement

Ford Side Mirror Glass Replacement

If your side mirror is cracked or shattered, we can replace your damaged Ford side mirror at competitive prices.
Ford Window Glass Replacement

Ford Window Glass Replacement

If your Ford window is damaged, it’s vital to replace it for your safety. We provide quality Ford window glass replacement services.
Ford Rear Glass Replacement

Ford Rear Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Zone Burlington only uses certified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to replace your Ford’s rear glass window.

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